About Us

Who we are:

Buy Electric Scooters UK is a team of riders, degree engineers and technical experts that combine our passion for design and engineering with our love and interest in electric scooters. Established in 2019 we proudly bring you our hand selection of best-in-class electric scooters. The cornerstone of our success is our strong relationships with customers and scooter manufacturers alike. We build upon this to bring a “sell more by selling for less" business model to the scooter industry and with it top of the range scooters at low and competitive prices.

Why we are different:

When you purchase an electric scooter online you're buying more than just the scooter. You're buying the service and support that comes with it. That's what we pride ourselves in and that's what distinguishes us from other online retailers

Visit us:

Live in Bath? We're in BA1. Why not visit us and check out our in-house stock. If you see a scooter you like you can save the shipping and buy it then and there. We love the opportunity to chat with customers. Contact us for details.

Contact us:

We love to talk about scooters and remember our own bewilderment when we first started shopping for one. Motors? Batteries? Watts? Amps? They all look the same? If you're interested in buying a scooter or just stopping by send us your questions and comments in the "Contact Us" page. We look forward to hearing from you.