Warranty and Returns

Right to cancel:

We want our customers to be confident in their purchase. All of our customers can cancel their order for any reason within 14 days of making a purchase [read more].

First 14 days:

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. All of our customers have 14 days from delivery to request a return if they no longer want the item [read more].

First 12-months:

We care about our products and we care about our customers. This is our philosophy and this is paramount to us. If the scooter should exhibit some fault within the first 12-months we will help you diagnose the fault and send replacement parts and how-to instructional video free of charge.

* Please see our full warranty, repair and service details and terms, here [ link ]

About Consumer Rights:

We honor the Consumer Rights Act of 2015
For more information use the contact form or email us at BuyElectricScootersUK@gmail.com

About Legal:

Electric scooters can not be used in public places, including public roads, pavements, parks or cycle lanes. If you are caught using a powered transporter (e-scooter) on a public road, pavement, or other prohibited space you are committing a criminal offence and could be prosecuted.

About Safety:

As electrically and mechanically powered transporters electric scooters can be dangerous to operate and to ride. Unexpected   failure may occur which may lead to injury to oneself or others. Riders must wear a helmet and protective gear at all times.

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